Testland Sample Information

Testland is a simple example of the first custom Say processor implemented for the Dimensione X Engine.

The DimX forums had numerous requests for chat responses to appear in-line with other player chat. The normal DimX view has other player chat in one panel and your own chat in a separate panel. Some players wanted to see both sets of messages in the same panel.

The 6.4.4 release of the Dimensione X Engine provides hooks allowing us to insert custom SAY processors. A custom SAY processor is a Java class inserted into the engine using these new hooks to provide custom handling of player SAY commands. A CustCmdProcessor should be provided with the 6.4.4 release. It is possible for ANY game using 6.4.4 or later to take advantage of this processor.

Consult the latest Dimensione X documentation for inserting custom SAY processors.

For Testland--and really ANY game--the entry in the DXW file is:


   CUSTCMDPROC   org.dimx.CustCmdProcessor


That one CUSTCMDPROC entry for the WORLD is all that is needed to add this feature to any game using normal SAY processing.

Testland Definition File

Game developers may also notice another feature available in the 6.4.4 release of DimX--the availability of DXL 'Include's. DXW and DXL game definition files can now be broken up into truly reusable libraries for clusters, worlds, and games.